Good Food March

M.A.D. Steps:

Get to know your MEP!


  • Whether you want to meet or write to your MEP all contacts including links their social media presence can be found here.

  • If you want to meet your MEP call/email his/her office to make an appointment. Some MEPs return to their constituency office on Thursdays to hold office all day Friday, whilst others regularly come back home during constituency weeks. You can find MEPs’ constituency weeks for 2013 highlighted in turquoise colour here.

  • Follow him/her on Facebook or Twitter and send him/her a post or a tweet or two.  If he/she will be visiting your neighborhood soon or attending a public event nearby, this is where you will find out about it.

  • Prepare 4 to 5 questions about food and farming that make sense to you and that you really want to have answered. Click here to learn about the CAP reform and the main issues at play.

  • If you want to film or record your meeting you will need to get your MEP’s approval. Once you have a set date simply drop the question. If he or she is fine with it call a friend who can work a film camera and ask him/her to come along. If that’s not possible, consider recording the meeting. If that is not possible, consider writing a report/article that summarizes your conversation. Click here to access Go M.A.D. experiences that were submitted so far.

  • If you have good connections to your local press consider taking along a journalist to cover your Go M.A.D. meeting and experience!

  • Why not print your CAP photo message and take it along as a present for your MEP … Your message is a great way to start off a conversation!


Once your meeting with your MEP is finished, we would love to hear how it went.

If you chose to email, write a letter or pop your questions during a public event, then we would love to post the emails, letters, photos or any other material that records your moments with your MEP.

In the event that your calls, letters or emails remained unanswered, then please let us know, too.

If you have any question simply call us on +49 30 28482324 or email us at